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001 #thewilddaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

Clairin is the sugarcane spirit of Haiti.

In Haitian creole, it means clear, since usually drunk unaged.


For historical reasons, the Haitian revolution of 1804, Haiti has a completely different situation than all other Caribbean islands:

Haiti has been practically untouched by any European colonization and industrialization over last centuries, so agricultural products

like sugarcane – and rum –  are still natural and artisanal.

Clairin is the ancestor of all Caribbean rums:

centuries ago all countries were producing in this way, but now this heritage remained alive in Haiti only. 


Clairin is the rum of 2 centuries ago.


The Clairin used for 001 #thewilddaiquiri is a blend of four different producers using different varieties in different terroirs:
it’s called Clairin Communal.

Allpossibledaiquiris gives the opportunity
to enjoy best possible daiquiris. Wherever.

002 #thefunkydaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

003 #thelostdaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

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