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002 #thefunkydaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

Hampden Estate is the iconic distillery located in Trelawny, north of Jamaica. This fertile area between the mountainous Cockpit Country and the Caribbean sea is the motherland of ‘old-style’ intense rums.

Dated back 1753, Hampden process of production is still very traditional, characterized by old techniques and equipment,

untouched from centuries by modern standards

Various raw materials, the use of own spring waters, wild prolonged fermentations and a traditional ‘double-retort’ pot still distillation

make Hampden rums uniquely intense and aromatic,

with fruity and floral flavors due to high esters contents,

and often defined «funky».

With this unique savoire-faire, Hampden Estate is able to produce

eight different formulas – marks – from light bodied rums

to very heavy full-bodied ones:

the one chosen for 002 #thefunkydaiquiri  is the fourth one, marked as «HLCF» and known with the brand RUMFIRE.

Allpossibledaiquiris gives the opportunity
to enjoy best possible daiquiris. Wherever.

001 #thewilddaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

003 #thelostdaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

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