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003 #thelostdaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

Rivers rum, made by River Antoine Estate, is surely

one of most legendary rums in the Caribbean.

Dated back 1785, the Estate is located in the northeast coast of the beautiful island of Grenada.


Rivers has never been exported from the island over the centuries,

due to the very small production and its local sales.

Finally in 2020 it arrived in Europe and

it’s now exceptionally part of the range as the 003 #thelostdaiquiri.

The distillery still works with ancient techniques and equipment:

it functions without electricity, powered by water and gravity,

the last in the world to do this.


An ancient waterwheel, fed by the river is the only engine of the distillery, crashing the sugarcane,

organic, grown locally without fertilizers or pesticides.

The fresh juice goes to the Boiling House where it’s concentrated in traditional ‘batteries’ heated by wooden-fire oven.

Fermentation occurs spontaneously with air-borne yeasts, and distillation takes place in a double retort pot still.

Daily production consists in few hundred liters only,

no stock, no ageing.


Rivers is definitely a legendary jewel of the heritage of rum.  

Allpossibledaiquiris gives the opportunity
to enjoy best possible daiquiris. Wherever.

002 #thefunkydaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

001 #thewilddaiquiri

Craftly mixed with

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