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The experience

Discover the best ways to keep, serve, and enjoy this unique drink, perfect for any occasion.

How to keep

Allpossibledaiquiris don't have any shelf life or expiring date, due to an innovative process of stabilization of the ingredients.


They can be stored at room temperature.

Just chill it before drinking at 4°C.

When opened they can stay in the fridge for many days. 


Keep Allpossibledaiquiris as a bottle of white wine.

How to serve

The format at 70cl allows 7 servings.
Definitely good for conviviality, can be served in classic couple glass or, why not, in a white wine glass, follow your feelings. 
Allpossibledaiquiris don’t need ice since already carefully diluited, so ice just optional. The only thing to do is to always keep it cool while you are drinking it.
Feel free to pair with appetizer, raw fish, veggies, fruits.

How to enjoy

The 12,5% vol. abv is low enough to make it very refreshing for everyone and great for all-time drinking.
In English it would be chuggable in French or Italian they just say glou glou.
With this solution, Allpossibledaiquiris can be seen both as ‘individual and exclusive’ experience and as ‘collective and inclusive’ experience: every situation has its own feelings and Allpossibledaiquris is versatile
for all kinds of situations.  
Allpossibledaiquiris can be enjoy at home, intimate or social,
outdoor in a pic nic, as aperitif or dining or after dinner.
Ice optional. Very refreshing if added with soda.

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